Sunday, 15 April 2012

Highgate Common 03 April 2012

Whilst the rest of the Highgate volunteer work party were building some Dormouse nest boxes for the reserve, myself and another volunteer went out onto the reserve in search of some Emperor Moths (Saturnia pavonia). The males fly in the daytime in search of the females which fly at night. (click on link for photo).

Unfortunately we didn't find any as the weather wasn't on our side. The warm and sunny weather we had been enjoying only the week before had gone and instead we were greeted with a much cooler and greyer day which threatened rain.

It wasn't all doom and gloom though as we did find a total of four Bloody-nosed Beetles (Timarcha tenebricosa)! Pretty good going for the start of April and just rewards for getting absolutely drenched by a torrential downpour just moments late.

Timarcha tenebricosa

Timarcha tenebricosa

Timarcha tenebricosa

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